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Top Social Networking Sites India

There are a lot of social networking sites in India emerging day by networking sites in India This is obviously a good news provided you enjoy the benefits availed by these sites with a little caution. Also there has been an increasing trend among the employers to visit your profile in the social media sites. They genuinely believe that it reciprocates the personality of the candidate. So, care should be there in maintaining your profile accordingly. You can select the suitable  site for you based on your need as some may use these sites for relationships, some for business promotion and the need vary with individuals. There are lots of social networking sites in India from which you can choose the one for you. Below are the most prominent among them.

#1 Facebook

facebookThe most popular social networking site in India is Facebook and the master brain behind this was Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook intend to keep family, friends, and also the business associates connected. It is one among the biggest networking sites. It was initially started as college networking site. Later on this expanded and now each and everyone can be included. With Facebook you can share your status updates, photos, videos etc and your friends can like and comment on your shares. You can also tag your friends in photos and videos. Creating Facebook pages, groups etc can be really beneficial to your business. Starting a business page in such social networking sites in India and maintaining it with updates regarding the latest development in your business will always be a positive. Giving promotion to the blogs can also be done by these types of social networking sites in India.

#2 LinkedIn

linkedinLinkedin is one of the social networking sites in India which are used by many professionals. Some use them to expand their business where as some rely on such social networking sites in India to find jobs. Linkedin can be used in a highly productive manner. If you are presently working as a freelancer or looking to be one, initially getting projects would seem to be a great challenge. With Linkedin you can set up your profile which shows your services, the skills and the experience you have. This surely cost free way for marketing your services. If you are not satisfied with your present job then also using Linkedin can be really beneficial. Starting a business is not a great task these days but sustaining and being success with the business takes a little bit of effort. Will Linkedin you will get a lot of connections and thus customer base will also follow. When anyone searches in Google for you, it is always a positive if you can be easily visible and this is possible with Linkedin as the page rank of such social networking sites in India is high. So care must be invested in making the profile and things must be added based on priority as people see the stuff in your profile. Not only you get connections but also advices from the experts from the features available in Likedin. Along with these features Linkedin help finding your friends or your old associates of business.

#3 Twitter

TwitterTwitter is one of those few social networking sites in India which emphasize on being precise with your ideas. The fact projected but such social networking sites in India is that peole don’t get very much indulged in reading bulk of words together and hence the twitter update word limit is restricted to 140 words. Thing word limit is the main feature which distinguishes twitter from rest of the social networking sites in India. Even debates are going on whether to further reduce the word limit of twitter. The posts done in twitter are termed as tweets and the process of posting tweets is called tweeting. This site has gained approval from almost all giant businesses in the world and the group of companies which use only one of the social networking sites in India, twitter is preferred by the majority.  You can easily find a lot of celebrities who use twitter and they intimate their upcoming projects and links of latest images etc via the tweets.

#4 Google Plus |Orkut

orkutOrkut was among the earliest and now its changed to Google Plus social networking sites in India which was a revolution in India. This was a highly sensational site which found audience at a greater pace than ever before. Orkut with its unique features and user friendly nature was highly accepted in India and people without any exception in any regards started using orkut. It had an eye soothing appearance and its features supported all type of users with various needs. You can see who visited your profile previously but the same happens when you visit the profile of others. There is also a provision to hide your visit to other profile but then you will also not be able to see who visits your profile. There are a lot of settings options with which you can manipulate you’re your photos publicly or either to a group or a single person. With the arrival of many other similar social networking sites in India, orkut has started shedding down its users. But it is now in the phase of regaining users and increasing the loyalty by making available a lot of new features.

#5 is the biggest community of  social networking sites in India but surely it has some specific specialized provisions to offer. It is really an ultimate portal for almost all of your needs and having features of the most poplular facebook. To maximize your benefits from, you must be very well aware of how to use it .There is a most of the features like sharing, likes, pages, gifts, post, comment, advertise, applications, events, groups, timeline profile,mobile etc.There are also quick shareing of wall to other networks like facebook, twitter and linkedin, that make the product,message or post to get shared and florish in quick.This site is showing constant growth in regard of popularity. The media also avails leverage to the popularity of live2i as almost everything which relates to the use of service is covered. Even so the fact can’t be hidden that like any other social networking sites in India, live2i is speeding and people widely accepting it.

#6 is one among the leading social networking sites in India and a lot of new features and changes are made to increase the user friendly nature and attractiveness of the interface. The dashboard page helps to get the view of the news related to your friends and also the access easily to your activities. Just with few clicks, navigation can be easily done. Ibibo is one of the thriving and throbbing social networking sites in India and a lot of advantages are there in joining They have also introduced an expert’s program. Here you can get help from people across India for taking decisions and solving your problems. You can also extend your helps for those in need and get points and even earn money online. Since inquires arrive from diverse areas in such social networking sites in India, there are four categories and within that many meticulous categories are there. There are also provisions for creating polls and you can also vote on polls created by others.


hi5Like any of the other social networking sites in India, too has features like network of friends, sharing of photos, status updates, and user groups. After the redesign of site in 2009, a lot of new features concentrating on the games and entertainment sections have been added. There are around 200 games of different types and even 2-3 new games are added per week. The users create a profile which shows their information like age, hometown, areas of interest etc. Users may also create their own photo albums and allow others to comment on it. They can set up music of their interest in their profile and enjoy games online. Friends request can be sent and received and both you and others can accept, reject, or block the person concerned. You can customize a lot of features accordingly to your wishes.

#8 is yet another site in the vast pool of social networking sites in  India which has a set of features capable to attract large number of users. There is a bulletin board and bulletins are the posts there which everyone can see in your friends list. This is helpful to contact entire friends simultaneously. Since chances of phishing are there, bulletins get deleted after a period of ten days. With group feature which existed earlier, a group of people can share a general page and a message board. Anyone can create groups and the moderator can determine whether to make a person the member of that group. Other features include provision to post comments, multimedia support and many more.

#9 Indyarocks

indyarocksIndyarocks is one of the fastest growing and one of the largest entertainment based social networking sites in India. The networking here is based on the individuals and their interests. You can get new friends and keep in touch with them and maintain the relationship beyond boundaries if you have an account in such social networking sites in India and an internet connection facility. Moreover to this you can express yourself to a community in an easier manner. You can also create, upload, and share photos, videos, music and movies. Self express and the creation of identity is easily possible with the available features like free sms, chat and gaming community.


shtyle.fmReading books are getting restricted these days with the popularity of digital media. People spent the majority of their time in front of systems and in their free time, they browse the net. is one of those social networking sites in India which promotes you to read with the compelling way of presentation. It gives you a great chance to read over a wide variety of topics and the extra benefit is that reading never feels like a task with such social networking sites in India as things are presented in really soothing manner. You can make friends, play games, and do a lot of other activities after you register in the site. This site is really entertaining and can be used as an informative source too.

Social Networking Sites

Man has never been satisfied with whatever he had. His skill of innovative thinking and everlasting thirst for betterment in the luxury of living has paved way for many discoveries and the process continues. India is one of those developing countries which feel the slightest of the squeezes in every niches and online world is never an exception for that. The social networking sites in India are one among those revolutionary ideas which have made huge variations in the existing situation. These social networking sites in India are never just a medium to maintain or to create relationships. But the social networking sites in India are also used as a tool to enhance the scope of business by many people.
Social media is place where people with no restrictions of cast, creed, or nationality join networking sites Actually the social networking sites in India may not be for all. But the fact to be accepted is that these social networking sites in India have now turned out to be an unavoidable part of our life and this can’t be blindly ignored. Debates were there regarding whether the social networking sites in India are a boon or a bane. This topic obviously needs to be analyzed from different angles before jumping up into a final conclusion. Many times the things about the social networking sites in India which are conceived as negatives may be positives. Making friends is not a matter of interest for all and those who wish to do so, social networking sites in India is genuinely the best among all the options available. Earlier communication had many restrictions as the means were limited and even if available, cost was a hindering factor. But later on mobile phones were projected to new dimensions and the scene changed a bit. And finally when the social networking sites in India sprung up, the entire concept of friendship changed forever. Even if you any not be able to meet the people, these friendships may surely help. Just imagine you got a friend residing in US and you know him for years and he is trustworthy. Suddenly you encountered a need to visit US and this point of time you will praise these social networking sites in India. You can contact your friend and he will avail you the necessary help. This is just one case showcasing the positive of friendship via the social networking sites in India. You may witness a lot of similar cases where the social networking sites in India come to your help. One of the main drawbacks pointed about the social networking sites in India is that students get deviated from their studies by spending a lot of time on such sites. But the fact actually differs a lot from this claim when studies were made by the experts in the concerned field. As per them with these social networking sites in India the students are kept posted with the latest updates in the field of technology. Moreover to this the students develop good communication skills as they have to manage people from almost all over the world.. The creativity is also enhanced as they remain exposed to diverse ideas and are getting a platform to develop their skills when they come in contact with new friends who too are interested in similar fields.
Time is really a scarce resource for many of us mainly because of our family commitments and profession. This is one of the curses on the present generation. With the social networking sites in India communication is offered at an efficient and speedy manner than ever before. You always remain updated with the happenings around you. Another advantage of social networking site in India is that you can find people around the globe who share similar interest as you do. You can keep in touch with them, partner with them and can even work out miracles if your ideas work out. As far as the concept of interactivity and participation is concerned, no means can be as influential as the social networking sites in India. This helps in building new relationships and maintaining the existing relationships. No matter your address change, mobile number change or you migrate to any corner of the world, having an account in any of the popular social networking sites in India would be enough.
Like any of the innovative ideas which are developed, social networking sites in India too is not free from risk factor. These sites are gaining immense popularity among the mob in India and the majority of users fall in the category of teenagers and children. To be safe from any mishaps it is necessary that you maintain certain level of privacy. It is important that you hide your personal information like home address, social plans, class schedules, and phone numbers. You should be aware of not to publish any information in the social networking sites in India which may be a threat to their profession, especially when you are working in sectors like defense etc. There have been many cases where people were denied job or dismissed from job because of such postings. There are a lot of social networking sites in India and all of them have option to manage your privacy. Utilize this service to assure that the other people in the network see only things which you intend to keep public. You can even customize your privacy which means you may allow only certain people to view certain information. This is a great provision of these social networking sites in India. Such sites are not confined only to the scope of relationship building and maintaining. This one surely one of the most important role played by these sites but surely there are a lot of other provisions too availed by these sites. The main among them is in the scenario of business via the online means.
Many people in India rely on online business for their living. With the technological advancements, there are nowadays almost no homes or offices without a computer and internet connection. Almost all the businesses, whether small or large have an online presence mainly via a website. Websites give you a great online presence and it eliminates your confinement to any geographical boundaries and your customer base becomes limitless. The online business is highly benefited by the reach availed by the social networking sites in India. As per relevant sources, it is estimated that more than 40% of online traffic is generated by the social networking sites. Thus these social networking sites in India act as a vital source to market both your products and services. With the social networking sites in India, the opportunity to advertise is high and targeting a specific set of audience is easier. Thus you can easily drag visitors to your website. Many think that the social networking sites in India are capable only to attract the young audience but it’s just a misconception. These sites are used by people from almost every range of age groups. Doing promotion with any of the social networking sites in India is very much similar to the traditional networking. You simply join any of the networks and start engaging with the other members. It will take a little time but surely you will let them know your business. After these members get connected to you, automatically you are becoming a part of the extended network. If you are a blogger and ad sense is your source of income, having an account in any of the active social networking sites in India will surely help. You can get more followers and visits to your blogs and if you posts are really good, they will be shared by your followers in these social networking sites in India. And this in turn will increase the number of followers and traffic to your site. This surely is going to benefit you when others refer your services to their friends or they themselves hire you. Thus your business becomes capable to build up greater brand awareness, generating leads and attracting attention. It is vital that you determine and focus on the target audience for your business. By mastering the skills of using these social networking sites in India effectively and understanding the functioning and importance of these sites, your business will surely be extended to greater dimensions and grab more sales.
A lot of social networking sites in India are getting into online world these days which helps to stay connected. And all of them will be having their own unique features, both positives and negatives. Since time is a precious asset, when you decide to select any of the social networking sites in India always take care that you make a worthy selection which really turns to be a nice experience with comfortable environment.